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Tree surveys (typically to BS 5837:2012), arboricultural method statements and tree root protection plans may be required for a variety of reasons – land management, safety, or as part of the planning process. A tree survey is a record of data that assists in identifying trees to be retained and those that should be removed due to fungal decay or other reasons: the arboricultural method statement specifies how to protect them during development work. We can help, and advise where the engagement of outside specialists is appropriate.


We can provide a maintenance specification for the completed landscape. We are also able to advise and assist your maintenance team, or help with finding suitable garden maintenance specialists in your area.


During low rainfall periods in summer recent plantings will need irrigation, even on soils that suffer poor drainage. However, after the first two years of growth, once the root systems have become established, plants on moisture-retentive soils may no longer need irrigation, so cost-effective design is important. Modern irrigation systems can be automated, and losses due to evaporation can be minimised by correct system specification and installation.

We routinely specify an irrigation system as part of our design process, and can advise on the choice of water source – potable, rainwater or recycled grey water.

Bespoke Garden Furniture

We can design and manufacture bespoke garden and patio furniture, and planters, tailored to suit your specific requirements.

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