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We are not affiliated with any landscape contractors. This is because we believe that competitive tendering for landscape works usually delivers the best overall value for money for our clients. After all, by far the largest part of the total garden cost will be paid to the contractor.

Competitive Tendering

Based on a preliminary enquiry, and any preference you as the client may have, we will compile a short list of contractors who will be invited to quote for your project. This short list will be based on factors such as contractors' past record and reputation, capability, location, financial standing and their professed willingness to tender for your project.

Once the detailed garden drawings and specifications are ready and approved we will ask the short listed contractors to submit competitive tenders. When the contractors have submitted their tenders we will report back to you and, if necessary, arrange an appointment to discuss the quotations and advise on which contractor would be most suitable for your project.

We will then arrange a pre-start meeting with the contractor to agree details and sign the documents.

Negotiated Contract

Alternatively, you may have a preferred contractor in mind, for example if the contractor has previously carried out work for you. In this case we advise that the contract is negotiated. It may be beneficial to employ a quantity surveyor, to prepare a bill of quantities, and to check the contractors pricing as part of the negotiation process. However, negotiated tendering may lead to higher pricing.

Contract Format

Generally, a standard contractual form – typically, the JCLI Contract for Landscape Works – is used for larger projects, whilst a simpler letter agreement or the JCLI Landscape Contract for Home Owner/Occupier may be more suitable for small projects.

The whole scope need not be let to a single contractor. If there is a builder on site it may, for example, be more convenient to add certain hard landscaping works to the builder's scope.

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